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Wake Upの歌詞

[The Weeknd]
I don't wanna wake up
I want you spread out on the sheets
Said pussy so good
And pussy so sweet, oh
I don't wanna wake up
I want it flowin' through my streams
Gettin' me hot
Under my feet
I don't wanna wake up

[Travis Scott]
Please don't wake me up, I feel it creepin' (Yeah)
Controllin' how you moving, lucid dreamin' (Dreams)
Always on the side of different seasons, yeah, yeah
Took the beltway down to your hood (It's lit!)
Say you was in the crowd, I never looked
Lookin' back how things came back around, guess I was hooked
Burn the bread and then we burn the town, we both was cooked, yeah
Nah, nah, please don't wake me up, feel like I'm dreamin'
Any given Sunday, you can get it, Willie Beamen
I can make your Mondays even better like the weekend (Yeah)
That's my Coco, I'm her Ice-T (Coco, yeah, yeah!)
Bend her over for some piping (It's lit!)
Bust a cloud, shoot the lightning (Pop it)
Pop it now, no, we can't sleep (Sleep)

[The Weeknd & Travis Scott]
I don't wanna wake up (Yeah)
Want you spread out on the sheets (It's lit!)
Say, pussy so good (Pop it)
Oh, pussy so sweet (Yeah)
When I wake up (Yeah, yeah)
Want a drop top on the beach (Straight up!)
Getting me hot, yeah (Yeah)
Under my feet
When I wake up

[The Weeknd]
You decide if I live or die
When you're close, I'm alive, I can feel the sky
I just want your body close to me, oh!
And if I O.D., I'll be alone with no heartbeat
I hope they kill us with a ghost in the Lambo
And the doors goin' up, suicide

[The Weeknd & Travis Scott]
I don't wanna wake up (I don't wanna wake up)
I want you spread out on the sheets
(Want you spread out on the sheets)
'Cause that pussy so good (Pussy so good), yeah
Girl, that pussy so sweet (So sweet)
I don't wanna wake up (I don't wanna wake up)
I want it flowing through my streams
(Want it flowing through my streams)
Ha, getting me hot (Getting me hot)
Oh, under my feet (My feet)
I don't wanna wake up (Yeah)


Wake Upの楽曲情報

Wake Up(ウェイク・アップ)は、2018年8月3日に発売された3rdアルバム「ASTROWORLD(アストロワールド)」に収録されているシングル。ゲストボーカルとしてThe Weeknd(ザ・ウィークエンド)が参加しています。

SMJ (2018-10-31)

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